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Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

New Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation License Tags
have been approved by the House and Senate of N.C.

Personalized tags are now on sale, at your local License Plate Office, for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation personalized License plates. This plate makes any car look better.

Dear RMEF members and friends,

We now have our own NC RMEF License Plate!

We have pre-sold 300 plates and the DMV is now making them from orders placed at your local office. You no longer have to send the application to Tim Queen. You have two options: A numbered plate for $25.00 or a personalized plate for $45.00. This cost is in addition to the regular amount that you normally paid for a plate. The DMV will give you credit for what you have already paid for your current plate. (This includes commercial tags up to 26,000 lbs).

The RMEF will receive $15.00 from the sale of each plate. This money will be used to help pay for our NC Elk that are currently in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park!

The first plate (0001) was auctioned at the Greensboro Banquet and sold for $500.

The plate (6by6) was auctioned at the Raleigh Banquet, August 28, 2004 and sold for $800.

These plates have already been sold. RMEF,TQ-1,TQ-2,MARK,WRB,RHB,ELK,ELK1,ELK2,ELK3,ELK4,ELK5,BONZ,DALE,RCR, RCR1 thru RCR9 ,BULL,WINE,WILD,LUKE,40CP,4YOU,6X6,7X7,DEI,DEI1 thru DEI9, KING,BUCK,257R,DEER,WEST,MLW1,8X8,HOYT,3-D,JOSH,CCCI,GSM1,BUBB,NCLK, WBL1, WBL2, DOC1,DOC2,DOC3, 0001 thru 0025,#1 thru #10,#29,#30,#31,4ELK. Check with the License plate office to see if your favorite number is still available.

Show your support by purchasing a plate and letís help pay for our NC Elk!

Tim Queen


Russ Morton - North Carolina Volunteer Webmaster
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